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Are asset maintenance
costs weighing you down?

From production machinery to company vehicles and office equipment, your assets are critical components to keeping your business in shape. When these assets fail, are misplaced in the field, or in need of regular maintenance, unplanned downtime can impact productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction. In an effort to maximize the value of your assets and meet the demands of your customers, a reliable system of managing and maintaining assets is important to business growth.


From mobile computing to RFID, our solutions improve utilization and offer information in real-time on every asset. Cost and labor savings can easily be achieved with the ability of management and personnel to obtain location, status and condition of assets via voice and data connectivity. Our hardware and software solutions provide value through reliable and trusted technology to deliver:

♦ Reduced unplanned downtime

♦ Achievement of regulatory compliance expectations

♦ Reduced costs associated with lost or missing assets

♦ Support of preventive, predictive and condition-based maintenance

♦ Improvement in overall equipment effectiveness

Proper and timely scheduling of equipment maintenance helps to ensure maximum uptime. Understanding the location, user, and performance indicators allow you to optimize the use of every asset in your facility. Our solutions enable simplified tracking of information to assist in planning, cost control and regulatory compliance reporting. Proscan's asset and facilities management solutions mobilize key processes for your organization, including:

♦ Asset tracking

♦ Asset maintenance

♦ Employee tracking / locationing

♦ Mobile labor management

The ability to track usage and time is helpful in determining and controlling labor costs and worker productivity. Data entry accuracy is a key benefit of this solution; paper-based tracking is virtually eliminated and instances of data entry error, misplaced equipment and missed routine maintenance are drastically reduced.


At Proscan we've helped hundreds of organizations realize the benefits of data automation and security. This experience has allowed us to develop a total solution to eliminate bottlenecks, downtime and costs associated with manual processes.
Our team of solution architects will evaluate your current process and create a solution that fits your environment. We won't try to adapt your business to our solution; we'll create a solution designed for your organization including terminology, business rules and processes. With Proscan, the benefits begin immediately upon implementation.


Proscan works as an extension of your team - getting to know your culture, your business philosophy and patterns of work. Discover the Proscan solution and overcome your operational challenges.


Proscan Solution

Routine service /damaged equipment Provides regularly scheduled maintenance and processes; enables reduced downtime
Lost assets Easily locate equipment when needed; real-time data tracks location and prevents duplicate acquisition
Worker productivity Easily locate equipment when needed; automation reduces paper- based process and offers access of information from the field
Aging equipment Generate condition, age and regularly scheduled maintenance reports; proactively plan for new equipment acquisition and reduce downtime associated with replacement order process
Regulatory compliance reporting Reduction of paper-based, manual processing of forms and data entry errors
Information security /network reliability Secure transfer of data across network; increased IT staff productivity
Data entry accuracy

A S S E T T R A C K I N G & M A I N T E N A N C E

Our asset tracking and maintenance solutions reduce costs associated with lost assets or assets in need of repair, and our software solutions and support services ensure effective processes and smooth transition-from implementation and training, to post-implementation support.

♦ Reduce costs due to improved tool, asset and inventory management

♦ Improve asset uptime with respect to worker and asset productivity

♦ Improve maintenance efficiencies

♦ Increase accuracy and efficiency in repair routines

♦ Reduce errors and improved response times with form-based data collection