Proscan's Cabling Infrastructure Services 

We are a full service technology company with a strong reputation in low voltage cable & fiber installations.Professional installations depend on staff experience as well as high quality products. We utilize materials from the industry's top manufacturers to insure the highest quality.

 • Registered Communication Distribution Designer (RCDD)

• Certified Installations with As-Built Documentation

• Industry-certified technicians


 Cat5E/Cat 6 Structured Cabling 

The design and installation of the right system, from connectivity to cable, is essential to achieve optimal performance from your Company's computer network and telephone system. Proscan takes pride in our knowledge and implementation of high quality, code-compliant, and well-performing systems. Our RCDD certified designers and Project Managers, coupled with our industry trained and certified technicians are well equipped to exceed customer expectations and standards. 

Fiber Optics

The use of fiber optic cabling is no longer reserved for the "long haul" Telco providers or the CATV companies wishing to push broadband video to their customers. Today, fiber optic cabling is commonly installed in campus type environments and businesses that require more than one Telecommunications Closet. From the basic termination of ST, SC, MTRJ and LC connectors to the complexities associated with fusion splicing and OTDR troubleshooting, we have the training and industry experience to handle all your fiber optic needs.