Access Control

Having the ability to limit unauthorized entry to your business is just one of the benefits of access control systems. Knowing you can help to protect your employees and business against damage, theft, or potential harm may be a benefit you can't put a price tag on. Whether your business has only one way access or multiple entry points, access control security systems are scalable and can be customized to fit your business and security needs. Proscan can offer you flexible solutions to help control who (and what) enters and exits your business utilizing audio and video intercom systems, card-swipe readers and access solutions to guard sensitive information or materials.


The video surveillance segment of the security industry has rapidly evolved into IT Networking with IP cameras and Video Servers for recording. Let one of our experienced sales representatives assist you in designing a customized video surveillance system that meets your current needs as well as your future ones.

 Security Cameras

·         Digital IP high resolution cameras

·         Specialty cameras, such as 180° or 360° viewing, infrared, low-light, and night vision

Digital Recorders

·         Appliances, or video software installed on a server or PC

·         Facility-wide distributed enterprise system

Remote Viewing

·         Mobile Device viewing with native apps for most common devices (iPhone, iPad, Droid, etc.)

·         Web-based browser software

Networked Video Solutions

·         IT infrastructure can carry live and archived video to authorized users across your organization.


Video Management Software (VMS) is the lifeblood of a comprehensive video surveillance system. Click here to see screenshots of Exaqvision, one of our preferred VMS products.